LUMÍNICO International Call for Videos 2016

ÓNIX Ensamble, a través del proyecto de música y nuevas tecnologías para audio y video: LUMÍNICO; da a conocer los ganadores de la Convocatoria Internacional “CALL FOR VIDEOS 2016” el día de hoy:
Viernes 1 de Abril del 2016 en este desplegado.

Esta convocatoria fue plural, incluyente y estuvo abierta desde Septiembre de 2015 y se cerró el día 29 de febrero de 2016.
Participaron un total de 188 piezas sobre 191 recibidas, un total de 138 participantes enviaron sus trabajos desde 14 diferentes países.

Lumínico felicita a todos los participantes y desde luego a los finalistas y ganadores:


  • 1er lugar Giordano 04 Patxi Araujo
  • 2do lugar Aphar Joao Pedro de Oliveira
  • 3er lugar Nia Diana Laura Magaña Campos
  • 1ra Mención La Fuga - U Adrian Regnier Chavez
  • 2da Mención Tonatiuh Ferran Lega Llados
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(Finalistas ordenados alfabéticamente)
  • Adrian Regnier Chavez La Fuga - U
  • Alejandro Gomez Arias Love is All
  • Diana Helena Hernandez Murgia Los Muertos
  • Diana Laura Magaña Campos Nia
  • Ferran Lega Llados Tonatiuh
  • Hector Hernandez Rosas Abriendo la puerta
  • Isabel Perez del Pulgar Elemento Inestable
  • Joao Pedro de Oliveira Aphar + Hydatos
  • Juan Reyes Así comienza una montaña
  • Patxi Araujo Giordano 04

LUMÍNICO International Call for Videos 2016

Visual music
for flute, electroacoustic sounds and video

DEADLINE: Monday February 29th, 2016

Lumínico, founded in 2000 by recognized Mexican artists Rodrigo Sigal, Alejandro Escuer and José Luis García Nava and a unique ensemble of electroacoustic music, flute and video is launching its First International Call for Videos inviting video artists, film makers, photographers, visual artists or mixed media artists to submit new or old video works of any technique or video resources including, but not limited to:

  • Video Art
  • Animation
  • Rothoscope
  • Stop Motion
  • Mixed Techniques

The competition will have two rounds:

  • The First round will be the reception of the videos (see submition specifications) and will end with the selection and announcement of the Shortlist-Final Round.
  • Selected authors will be asked to submit their videos in high resolution (see formants) and copyright disclaimer and will end with the announcement of winners.


  • Human consciousness
  • The subconscious
  • Hypnotic materials
  • Natural or artificial processes
  • Depicting contemporary urban society
  • Social questioning and critique of todays world
  • Ecology
  • Water and the elements
  • Insects
  • Microscopic filming
  • Artistic portrait
  • Human body among others

The idea is to show and question how we live and/or to simply submerge the viewer to a musical and visual experience that can be unique, original and highly attractive for young and adult audiences through abstract, real, narrative or a combination of all.


Selected videos will not only be musicalized and used for concerts shows of LUMINICO and ÓNIX Ensamble around the world, If the video has original music, it can be sent with it but if selected, the video will most probably be re-musicalized. Also selected works may win a prestigious prize, be officially recognized and participants may win an artistic residency in Mexico for international collaborations.


  • The first place will received $15,000 Mexican pesos.
  • The second place will received $10,000 Mexican pesos.
  • The third place will received $5,000 Mexican pesos.

Winners will also receive a diploma from the Mexican Centre for Music and Sonic Arts (Centro Mexicano para la Música y las Artes Sonoras, and will have the opportunity to come to Morelia, México for an artistic residency to work with the musicians and present their work in a special public concert.

Authors of selected videos will also be given the option for their submission to be included in a brand new special YouTube channel that will display their video along with the original music selected or specially composed for it. Works selected in the final round may also receive an honorary mention.

Your entry as a participant is an implicit acceptance of terms and conditions in which your video can be re-musicalized and broadcasted in concerts and presentations.

Winners will be able to freely use the music especially composed for their videos with proper credits and specifications to composers.


  • Videos should be able to stand on their own.
  • They must be between 2 and 5 minutes long.
  • Each participant may submit up to two videos. If it is the case, we encourage to submit contrasting materials.
  • Each video must be accompanied by written description in PDF format of not less than half a page and not more than one page. These descriptions will be included and published for the benefit of the author in concert programs and concerts whenever possible.
  • Each video should include the following information in a separate PDF document:
    • Title
    • Short abstract (one or two paragraphs)
    • Acknowledgments of other participants if any
    • Contact information with author names, affiliations, and an email address for the main author
    • A high-resolution representative still image in the PDF document.
    • This brief statement: I understand and agree of the terms and conditions of use of my materials, for they will be only used for non profit activities, concerts and cultural events where proper credits will be stated and I and will be notified of such activities.

When preparing the video, please make it as professional as possible. Producing a video already requires a significant amount of effort, and spending just a little more effort to raise the artistic and technical quality can make a big difference in how it is received.

Videos will be received ONLY via to the following email address:

Send an email with the video descriptions’ PDF, with the subject: Open call Lumínico, adding the same ref name as the video sent by WeTransfer and the URL of the video transfer provided by WeTransfer. (Please do not send us URLs of videos on Youtube, or any such video hosting site.)


First round
  • Quick Time Movie .MOV / o .MP4
  • Compression H.264 / Max file size: 500Mb
  • Resolution HD / FullHD
  • Aspect Ratio: 1:1 / 4:3 / 1/1.85 / 16:8 / Anamorphic / Custom
Final round / Shortlisted
  • Quick Time Movie .MOV
  • Compression H.264 / Pro Res 422 / Max file size: 2Gb
  • Resolution HD / FullHD / 2K / 4K
  • Aspect Ratio: 1:1 / 4:3 / 1/1.85 / 16:8 / Anamorphic / Custom


Monday February 29th, 2016

Early submission is strongly encouraged.


  • Short list will be announced by March 22, 2016
  • Winners will be announced by April 1st, 2016

Please bear in mind that the jury reserves the right to declare any of these awards vacant if artistic merit, quality and/or originality is not present in any of the entries.

Any issue that is not considered in this document will be solved by the jury (see contact info).


Authors should hold all the rights of the material used in the production of the summited videos.


Contact box at Lumínico’s website:

  • Alejandro Escuer
  • Rodrigo Sigal
  • José Luis García Nava
  • Sebastián Torella R. coordinator/curator:


PDF English Version

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